Monday, March 9, 2009

It snowed again this morning...... and, it's >>so close<< to spring I can taste it! Of course I missed taking a beautiful picture of the hillside to share with you 'cause I was in a rush. And, the snow was melted when I had the time. So........ instead I'm sharing some pictures of some things I have made the past few months.

These are some scarves and a hat I've made for a friends at work.

Another friend of mine loves tablerunners. She has one for every holiday and then some that I've made for her! This latest one is some madi gras fabric I found.


Debi said...

I love your scarfs. Sorry to hear you are having snow, it was about 73 here today.

Crispy said...

Love the scarves and hat. I could use them for today and tomorrow, 0 degrees, wind and 6-12 inches of snow by tomorrow night YUCK!!


Jan said...

Love the scarves and the hat is neat---I'm sure people appreciate them! We could use them here today since is only going to be in high 30's today--after a high of 80yesterday is hard to take 30's today and rain all day---but we need the rain!!!