Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Life

Over the past few months I've been constantly reminded of how precious life can be. Those that know me are familiar with my personal journey the past couple of years. I had a life change experience 2 years one month and 3 days ago. I decided the best way to get thru this was to not make quick decisions and to focus on the daily and not to far into my future. That has helped me I believe to make more positive decisions that effect my life. It's not been easy road to follow and I still have a long ways to go. But, I'm seeing things more clearly now. One of those things was my decision to go back to college for a while and take a class that could better be. I've had an enormous support group and grateful for the family and friends that are cheering me on! This would be less of a challenge if I was

Also, I'm still working on believing that I have a postive influence on those around me.

This all brings me to sharing with you the news that I have a new granddaughter!! Today she is 22 days old! And, she's as beautiful as my daughter. I had the privilege of meeting my gd on Monday. I can't begin to describe to you how this felt. Just know that I have softened some and will be better for it! As will those around me. I wish the best for this tiny life and know that my daughter and son-in-law have many years of once-in-a-lifetime moments ahead.

Out of respect for my daughter I won't be posting pictures on-line. But, I will share a photo of the first quilt I made for her baby!! This is a quilting blog after


Crispy said...

Grandbabies are so wonderful Peggy, I get to go see mine again in 2 weeks for her first birthday. I'm so happy things are getting better and better for you, you have been in my thoughts.


NanaKaren said...

Hi Peggy ~ I found the link to your blog at The Quilting Bee, which I also belong to. Love the picture on your page!

Nice blog, and I'll be back for a visit. Feel free to visit mine sometime.