Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Lot Of Reading Going On

Not much quilting going on at my house........... I've been reading every spare minute I can get it seems. I'm catching up on all of Nicholas Sparks books.... and, everyone a tearjerker! My favorite's will always be the Notebook and The Wedding. If you get the chance tho you should read Three Weeks With My Brother.... it will introduce you to Nicholas Sparks the person and his family. I have two more on hold at the library and will no doubt finish another one tomorrow!

I did manage to read the latest book by Danielle Steel a couple weeks ago.... The Rogue.

And, I got a piece of fabric to make some table runners for Thanksgiving. I will be getting back to making them before long. And, making some more of the blocks for the batiks and black stars.

I found a new place to go for my walk.... and, not far from my own house. My oldest son and I discovered it last night. I'll take some pictures when I go again. (I hope you enjoy the pictures I'm putting in the heading of my blog.... I take them myself ... except this latest one is one my youngest son took).

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Sheryl said...

Wow, you must have really gone through the Kleenex reading Nicholas Sparks books! The last time I read one, my throat tightened up so tight from trying not to sob out loud that I could hardly swallow!! I'm reading the newest Jennifer Chiaverini book, Winding Ways.