Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nearly College Bound

The youngest of my four........... nearly college bound. He's a sophomore this year and has transferred to a college 30 miles from home and will be living in the dorm. He's left with a car load this morning. Tomorrow morning he and his girlfriend will each have their cars full and then he will only be coming home on the weekends for not quite a month. Then track season starts... He's a decathlon (does 8 events) and is so awesome. I will be updating you all to where you won't want to know anything else!!

Already I have been crying 'puddles'.... he says, "come on mom, it's only 30 miles away. We will be okay".... yeah, right; speak for yourself Ü. What I will miss the most is our late night talks


Jan said...

Oh, Peggy, I remember it well--letting them go off to college is a hard thing to do! but remember--"There are 2 things we give our children: one is roots and the other is wings..." I'll be thinking of you!

Beth said...

Yeah, I know that cut apron strings feeling. If it weren't for texting, I'd never get to talk to my oldest. But he always manages to come home to eat and do laundry! Hangeth thou in there...the cool part is now he will CHOOSE to be with you.