Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New fabric

Thanksgiving is a ways off, but I saw this cute 'turkey' print and I'll be making a table runner for myself! I've been making them for everyone but myself the past few years. ( I did get enough to make two however!)

And, I got a yard of this last week thinking it would be a pretty fall runner. I got so frustrated worrying about the lines in it that I decided maybe I'd make just a table cover and wouldn't have to do more that straighten the edges. Now, I think I'll just take it out every now and again and just look at it! (huge sigh........) (I will more than likely cut it into fat quarters so I'll quit fussing about it...lol)


Sheryl said...

Love your fabrics! Could you use the second print as the back of the turkey runner--then you'd have a reversible runner!

Jan said...

Love that turkey print--can't wait to see your finished table runner--bet it will be a winner!

Sheri said...

Cute turkey fabric!